long time no tree


today, the skies opened wide and two vibrant, kawaii angels descended upon me & i cannot breathe


Paths, Passages and Spaces | Hans Dieter Schaal | Socks Studio

Hans Dieter Schaal (1943) is a German architect, stage designer, landscape designer, writer and artist. Throughout his whole career he constantly crossed the borders among the different disciplines to produce a unique corpus of works.

In his famous 1970′s black and white drawings, Schaal synthesized some of his researches on the continuous space, the relationship between natural settings and man-made structures, the path as a space for representation, always keeping an ironical eye. The repetition of a basic object, like a bed, a door, a curtain, a stairway, becomes the starting point for the construction of an imaginary field of possibilities.

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Steven Ketchum


twist it like a pigtail, i can make your heart fail


Falsehearted by hollie chastain

14” x 14” collage on panel

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